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Run For Your Life

April 5th, 2015

Here at Tugboat Press, we take pride in our history of working with so many great comic book artists before they exploded in to world wide fame and fortune. This year's issue feature two such artists and the return of three of our all time favorite contributors. 

Sam Sharpe is a writer, illustrator, and filmmaker from Chicago. He's done a few small one pagers for us before, but this year we've turned the cover story over to him to showcase his stunning talent. We've been aware of his minicomics and off-color gag strips (collected in this book from Yeti Press) for a while now, but it was his absolutely heartbreaking story "Mother" that has labeled him as one of the best new storytellers in comics. See an excerpt from it in last year's Best American Comics. 

Evan Palmer is a "digital media producer" from Minneapolis who is the author of the wonderful fantasy series THE GODINS. Besides the skilled and stylish art, The Godins stands out for it unique and humorous take on the world of sword and sorcery epics. Though the world building is rich with depth and intrigue, Palmer pushed the Thunder Kings and unbeatable warriors to the side and focuses on a small group of minions who scoot around the edges and slip through the cracks of most stories. It's a real charmer and is worth seeking out. For RR4, he has created a new side story featuring these characters as they hide in the woods and reminisce about their lives before adventure came a calling.

This issue also gives us the chance to work with some of our favorite regular contributors. Andrice Arp, Joey Sayers, and Farel Dalrymple all turn in fantastic short stories. So be sure to look for it on Free Comic Book Day and beyond.

Current Releases

My Brother the Dragon cover

My Brother the Dragon

A Picture Book for Kids by Galen Longstreth and Jonathan Hill

32 pages ~ $6.00

"I have a little brother who has dragons on the brain. It's dragons, dragons all day long. He's driving me insane."

Tugboat Press is proud to present our brand new picture book for kids. My Brother the Dragon is the story of two young siblings, a little brother who is obsessed with all things dragon related (dragon toothbrush, dragon underwear, dragon costumes, so many dragon toys) and an older sister who's had it up to here with all this dragon nonsense! Told in charming rhymes by Galen Longstreth and illustrated in full color with energy and humor by Jonathan Hill, My Brother the Dragon is fun tale of sibling rivalries, childhood obsessions, and the little things that drive us crazy about the people we love.

Order online from Powell's Books and BuyOlympia.

Invincible Summer #23 ~ Clutch #26 cover

Invincible Summer #23 ~ Clutch #26

with Liz Prince!

56 pages ~ $5.00

For over a decade, Nicole and Clutch have teamed up to create an annual split zine that chronicles their lives and celebrates their friendship. This year introduces a twist. East Coast autobio comics legend Liz Prince travels from Boston to NYC to Portland to join in the adventures and draw things from her perspective. She talks shop and hunts for vegan gummi worms with Clutch before heading off for a relaxing week at the coast with Nicole. Not everything goes as planned as a medical emergency has them rushing off to Seattle in a last ditch effort to save Nicole's dog! Seeing the familiar settings and characters from a new point of view is a breath of fresh air for this classic zine.

Order online from Radiator Comics.

Runner Runner #4 cover

Runner Runner #4

A Comic Book Anthology for Free Comic Book Day

Free ~ Free

Tugboat Press returns for another year of celebrating our favorite holiday, Free Comic Book Day (May 2, 2015)! This year's issue of Runner Runner features a cover story by Sam Sharpe about a young man making his way through the big city dating scene with the help of his favorite comic book hero, Cognito: The Super Spy. Evan Palmer tells the tale of a goblin feast that takes a unfortunate turn, and Joey Alison Sayers draws about the most popular musical act in our coming post-apocalyptic, dystopian future. Also comics by Andrice Arp and Farel Dalrymple.

Cover by Sam Sharpe.

Thanks to everyone who made FCBD such a success! We will be giving out the remaining copies of RR4 at comic & zine shows throughout the rest of the year. Hope to see you there.

The Cute Girl Network cover

The Cute Girl Network

By MK Reed, G.Means, and Joe Flood

192 pages ~ $17.99

A rollicking romantic comedy from MK Reed (author of Americus), G.Means, and Joe Flood (artist on Orcs andHellcity), the book tells the story of Jack and Jane, two punk kids living in the big city. Jane is the best skateboarder in town and Jack sells soup on the street for minimum wage. After a few dates, things are look pretty good for our young couple until The Cute Girl Network (an information clearinghouse for ex-girlfriends) gets involved and proceeds to tell Jane all about Jack's embarrassing dating history. Their message is clear: DUMP HIM!

Published with our friends at First Second Books.

Order online from Powells or Amazon or MacMillan.

Papercutter #17 cover

Papercutter #17

A Comic Book Anthology

32 pages ~ $4.00

Papercutter is Tugboat Press's award winning anthology series dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists. This issue marks a departure for Papercutter as we turn the whole issue over to acclaimed zinester Jason Martin (Laterborn) who fills the issue with seven autobiographical stories illustrated by seven of today's best cartoonists. Jesse Reklaw (Slowwave) draws a story from Jason's youth as he creates the greatest unknown supervillain of all time, "The Weeper". Calvin Wong (Ramble On) provides the art for one the most harrowing moments in Jason's life as his house nearly burns to the ground. Corinne Mucha, Francois Vigneault, Sarah Oleksyk, Hellen Jo, and Vanessa Davis round out this special issue with funny, compelling, and heartfelt stories. Additional art by Nate Beaty.

Order online from: BuyOlympia and Radiator.

Papercutter #16 cover

Papercutter #16

A Comic Book Anthology

32 pages ~ $4.00

Papercutter #16 is the latest issue in Tugboat Press's long running anthology series dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists. This issue features a darkly compelling cover story by Joey Alison Sayers (Just So You Know), that follows the life of a middle school science teacher as his noble ideals about his profession start to crumble around him. Liz Prince (I Swallowed the Key To My Heart) returns with a brief look at the inner workings of her mind and finds it all to be pretty cool actually. Alexis Frederick-Frost (The Courtship of Miss Smith) wraps up the issue with a lush tale of a hunter who finds some of her prey to be adorable. Additional art by Nate Beaty.

Order online from BuyOlympia, Sparkplug, and Radiator.

Papercutter #13 cover

Papercutter #13

A Comic Book Anthology

32 Pages ~ $4.00

Papercutter #13 is the latest issue in Tugboat Press's long running anthology series dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists. This issue features a brilliant cover story by Matt Wiegle (Seven More Days of Not Being Eaten) about a bitter son trying to get revenge on his father by creating a controversial sideshow act. Tim Root (Crappy Comics) provides the second story about a fateful morning at a convenience store, and Jonas Madden-Connor (Ochre Ellipse) tells the tale of a boxer trying to hang on for one more fight. Additional art by Nate Beaty.

Available online from our friends at: buyOlympia, Quimbys, and Radiator.

Whirlwind Wonderland cover

Whirlwind Wonderland

Comics and Stories by Rina Ayuyang

128 pages ~ $15.00

Rina Ayuyang was born in Pittsburgh to a large Filipino-American family and though she's moved cross country to San Francisco, she often feels the pull of her family obligations both in Pittsburgh, the Bay Area and the Philippines. Using heart, humor and beautifully illustrated comics, Rina tells the loving (and sometimes aggravating) story of how her relationship with her family has grown and changed as she's become an adult. Beyond family life, Rina must also deal with a long commute to her office job which provides her with ample time to daydream about celebrities, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Murder, She Wrote. In color and black & white.

Now available from Sparkplug.

Neptune cover


An All-Ages Graphic Novel by Aron Nels Steinke

160 pages ~ $14.00

Neptune is the story of an adventurous and clever fifth grader named Erika, her restless little brother Patrick and their loyal dog Neptune. When Erika and Patrick miss the bus to school, they have little idea of the amazing events that lay before them. Between a long walk to school, pop quizzes and lost homework, Erika must keep her wits about her as she tries to protect her brother, her dog and maybe the whole world. Using beautiful black and white artwork, Aron Nels Steinke (Super Crazy Cat Dance) weaves a joyous and energetic story full of unexpected twists and turns, hilarious moments, thrilling escapes and even a sing-a-long.

Available now from Sparkplug.

Also available from our friends at Powells, and Quimbys.

Papercutter #8 cover

Papercutter #8

A Comic Book Anthology

32 pages ~ $4.00

The exciting eighth issue of the acclaimed anthology series dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists has arrived. Corinne Mucha (My Alaskan Summer) tells the featured story about a time in her life when she was haunted by a coven of traveling witches. Elijah Brubaker (Reich) returns to Papercutter to share a glimpse at the coolest kids in high school. And Jeremy Tinder (Black Apple Ghost Factory) tells the unexpected tale of a man embarking on the craziest night of his life. Additional art by Nate Beaty.

Order online from our friends at Copacetic Comics Company, Parcell Press, and Radiator.


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